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Free safe prediction site

If you are looking for where you can get free and accurate betting tips, then betverdict should be your choice. You may have been losing a lot of money with bookmakers for a long time due to unreliable advice. It's a different story here at betverdict. Since we started this journey, we have not only recorded huge wins at bookmakers, but we have also made many of our subscribers profitable in this gambling game. At betverdict we are unique. Unlike many other punters who make basic football predictions without following an assured process, we will analyze all of our predictions and give you the technical and fundamental reasons why we make our decisions. From this, you understand what you are betting your money on and you are not doing it blindly.

Maximum profit

This is something you should be sure of. It is one thing to be a bettor and quite another to be a profitable bettor. With Betverdict, you are saying NO to the red marks on your tickets. The green marks will be regular on your tickets. We heard stories from some of our subscribers about when they were using tips from other sports betting analysts before they finally heard about us. You can imagine what it feels like to win today and lose all day after due to bookmakers. It is not bad luck! Many people believe this to be luck, but we can confidently tell you that betting is a game with 80% analytics and 20% luck. We know how difficult it can be to analyze games on your own. That's why we came to do the work for you. Betverdict is here to help you analyze upcoming games and provide 95% reliable recommendations for subscribers. With our sports betting tips, you can bet as much as you want on any bookmaker of your choice. You absolutely don't have to worry about this. This is how confident we are in our games

Betting Bank

Many professional bettors like to have a pre-established betting bank (size varies depending on wealth) from which they place all their bets. This allows them to easily track profit and loss because all winnings and losses come from the same bank. It also allows them to bet their bank's predetermined odds on bets that reflect their confidence in the selection possibilities. The bank's profit is periodically withdrawn or withdrawn when it reaches a certain amount to be used for purposes other than betting. Example You may have a £ 1000 betting bank, from which you can withdraw profit whenever the bank reaches £ 1500 or whatever profit has been made every three months.Strategies to employ for your betting bank:

1. Percentage Strategy.
2. Martingale staking plan.
3. Kelly Criterion formula.
4. Fibonacci staking plan.


For the percentage strategy, some bettors will consistently bet the same percentage as their bank. For example, each bet placed will be 5% of the bank. This means that during bad races the stakes will be reduced and during good races the stakes will be raised. The problem with this, however, is that it doesn't take into account how confident the bettor is about the bet. It may often be best to change this system slightly to take trust into account. Three levels of confidence can be assigned, with 7.5% of the bank being a safe bet, 5% being an average bet, and 2.5% being a not-so-safe bet. The exact percentages used are obviously at the bettor's discretion.



Do you offer vip tips?

We offer daily premium tips on our telegram channel. This has made alot of bettors in our community profitable.


Can i receive predictions on my email?

Not at the moment but you can kindly log into our website to see daily free predictions and join our telegram channel to receive daily premium tips post notifications.


Is the betting tips on fixed matches?

Sorry, we have nothing to do with fixed games. We only give well researched and hand-picked suggestions to our betting community.


When do you post games?

Games are posted before 12noon daily.


Why should i pay for premium predictions?

Sports betting is to be viewed as an investment. Therefore you need a qualified tipster professional with a track record of success and an indepth knowledge of the sports betting industry.


How do i pay for premium tips?

You can make payment via bank deposit/transfer, credit or debit card, crypto currency and many other payment methods.